What is the International Easter Youth Camp?

Ans. The International Easter Youth Camp with Pastor Chris is a plan of Believers’ Loveworld, organized by the Healing School, with all the aim of affecting young people round the world that are between the ages of 21 and 13 years using the unique message of the gospel.

The International Easter Youth Camp gives the participating youths an opportunity to go to with the Healing School where they are transformed into passionate ambassadors of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With trips specific forums and exciting camp activities, youth from different countries interact with one another, cultivating friendships that are new and inspiring each other to do more.

The high points of the Youth Camp include impartation meetings and amazing teaching with the man of God, Pastor Chris, where the youth are filled up with a renewed zeal to change their world with the Gospel.

How and when may I attend?

Ans. To attend, you are needed to enroll through any one of the following:

(1) Send an e-mail to ieyc@loveworld360.com

(2) Or call any of the following numbers:

www.globalyouthleadersforum.org (and select the ‘REGISTER NOW’)

(3) Install the Healing School mobile program, click register and find the appropriate classifications

Kindly pre -publication and confirm your enrollment as available spaces are restricted.

What’s the entrance fee, and what else do I require?

Ans. Attending the International Easter Youth Camp is free. Once registration was affirmed, however, participating youths should make their very own travel arrangements. Upon ending of travel plans, kindly send your trip itinerary to ieyc@loveworld360.com, so that we can make adequate strategies for airport pick-up along with other logistics.

NB: For minors, parents/guardians may be asked to make these arrangements and handle communication using the IEYC Office. Minors will not be permitted to enter South Africa without a signed authorization letter from their various parents/guardians.

Depending on your country, you may well be required to procure a visa to go to South Africa. For advice on visa application, or to see if your country is exempted for visa, kindly go to www.dha.gov.za/index.php/immigration-services. Should you need support or a letter of invitation for the immigration office, kindly send an email to ieyc@loveworld360.com.

How long am I supposed to stay at the Camp?

Campers are going to be at the Youth Camp for 8 days, right from the start of the plan to the end. Additionally, kindly be advised that the youths will be expected to participate in all actions; including special sessions and assemblies, sporting events, trips, interviews, cultural and educational programs, etc.